About Us

Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice (HPJ) works to promote peace, social justice, and ea (life, sovereignty, rising, breath) in Hawaiʻi through community organizing, popular education, art and nonviolent direct action as tools for social change. As a multigenerational and multi-ethnic organization of Kānaka Maoli, immigrant descendants of the sugar plantation era and other BIPOC communities operating in the context of a U.S. occupation, we are building power to dismantle oppressive structures, particularly the military-political-economic complex, that prevent Kanaka Maoli sovereignty. We understand that militarized notions of “national security” produce violence and conditions of economic, social, political and ecological insecurity for Indigenous communities around the world. Our collective vision is what international feminists call “genuine security- centering health and well-being through policies and actions that meaningfully redistribute funds away from industries of violence and towards that which feeds and enriches ourselves, our neighbors, and our broader communities.
What We Do
Develop Organizers
Through our Koa Futures Initiative HPJ focuses on developing youth leaders, organizers and activists who are committed to developing a pro-peace, demilitarization, anti-imperialist movement in Hawaiʻi and Oceania. Building on the successes and lessons of previous movements and looking toward a generative and not destructive future, we work in partnership with Aloha ʻĀina organizations to design trainings and educational programs to enhance the creativity, critical thinking and mass organizing of our communities to shift toward genuine security that prioritizes climate justice over war that restores our collective lands and waters.
Build International Solidarity
We strive to be a "kīpuka", a center that provides support and connectivity for social movements, grassroots organizers and activists working toward peace and social justice, as we develop relationships to build collective power toward liberation. The strength of our movement ecosystem is rooted in our support of each other's struggles.
Aloha ʻĀina
We will create a more peaceful, just and sustainable Hawaiʻi and world as we work to demilitarize Hawaiʻi and address the historical injustices caused by the military takeover of Hawaiʻi . We oppose military occupation and expansion in Hawaiʻi and globally. We will no longer allow a world of endless wars and resource extraction. We stand with oppressed peoples who suffer at the hands of a war industry and instead seek to create generative economies that recognize that we are the true stewards of our lands and waters.
Mission, Vision, Values
Our Mission
Hawaiʻi Peace & Justice works to promote social justice, peace, and ea (life, sovereignty, rising, breath) in Hawaiʻi through grassroots organizing, nonviolent direct actions,popular education workshops, and art activism as tools for social change.
Our Vision
HPJ seeks a demilitarized and de-occupied Hawaiʻi and Pacific that is socially just and environmentally sustainable. We imagine a world that collectively stops military expansion and returns and restores militarily controlled lands to the Kānaka Maoli, and to all Indigenous people demanding independence throughout Oceania. We organize to create a world of genuine security and climate justice.
Our Values
We stand for Aloha ‘Āina | Speaking truth to power | Kū’ē (resistance), International Solidarity |Nonviolence| Self-determination,| Youth leadership
Our Allies
Hawaiʻi Peace & Justice has developed strong alliances with social justice organizations and coalitions throughout Oceania. We believe that none of us are free until we are all free. Therefore, international solidarity with our Pacific cousins demanding self determination and an end to the violence and ecological devastation of militarization is an absolute necessity. Learn more about the organizations we consider our allies in the global call for genuine security.
Our Campaigns
HPJ campaigns seek to remove the destructive land use practices of the U.S. military, prioritize climate justice and to invest in aloha ʻāina futures in the midst of military occupation.
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