Stand for our ‘āina, Moana, our wai and our Ola

Stand for our ‘āina, Moana, our wai and our Ola

Stand for our ‘āina, moana, our wai and our ola

Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice stands with Kaʻohewai as they make the kāhea to stand against the desecration of the koʻa at Puʻuloa, but to demand an end to military destruction of our wai and ʻāina. Please review this message from Kaʻohewai

“This morning as the sun came up the members of Kaʻohewai were struck with shock and grief to learn that the sacred koʻa, dedicated to Kāneikawaiola, was desecrated through an act of vandalism over night. They responded immediately and through care and ceremony the kiʻi stands again. Their commitment to protect water, to protect Kapūkaki, and to protect ʻāina and kānaka from the destructive forces of militarism is stronger than ever.

It is not lost on us that the timing of this vandalism aligns with the release of the Navy’s Red Hill Defueling Plan, as well as the kick off of the U.S. Navy’s Rim of the Pacific Exercises (RIMPAC), which will add further damage and desecration to our lands and waters over the coming month.

Stand by kānaka. They will issue a kāhea to the lāhui to join us in taking a stand. Not just against the desecration of our koʻa. But to stand for our ʻāina, our moana, our wai and our ola, which is being subjected to ongoing and intensified harm by the U.S. Military. The kāhea will go out through Ka’ohewai. E kū ana ka paia! Ola I ka wai!” – Kaʻohewai